The Staff at Liberty Equestrian Training Center and Dressage Services

You will be happy to know that the new staff at Liberty is not new to horses. Our staff has both personal and job-related horse experience. When Librerty hires staff, it is with the undersanding that their job is to keep the horses happy and healthy.

He works days and has worked as a groom and maintenance person for several Madison area stables. He also works fulltime nights at the University. Juan has been working at this facility since last fall.


Courtney generally works the evening feeding time and occasionally days. She has the specific privilege of training new staff. She is a student of veterinarian medicine and also works at the UW Vet School Hospital. She has been taking lessons and working at this facility for almost a year.


Liz is primarily a student and customer of Liberty. She will be working days on Fridays. Lis was our (Liberty Equestrian) barn manager for 10+ years. She has worked as a vet tech for Wisconsin Equine Clinic and has owned Reux for 11 years. She has ridden and shown dressage from the beginning of her career, at age 10. She is now a student at UW-Milwaukee and will be entering the Radiology Program next spring.


She will be working days with an occasional evening. Judy, a child of not one but two AQHA judges, has raised, shown and managed Quarter horses at her parents' facility for years before moving on to the corporate world. Now returning to her roots, she wants to enjoy being around horses and a part of their cares. She has just started with us and we look forward to a long and happy relationship.



Alyse works a majority of the evening feedings and an occasional day here and there. She is just ending her second year of vet school at UW-Madison. She is originally from Vermont and has four horses there, along with a fiancee. She has worked in numerous caregiving facilities for the past six years as well as a youth.